Economic Development

The Region must play a major role in the Economic Development activities of our Region.  Along with the area Municipalities we need to attract new investment and retain current investment in order to provide quality jobs for our citizens.  A prosperous local economy can help to mitigate a variety of social issues as well as provide resources to deal with them.


  • Ensure that the supply of industrial and commercial lands in the Official Plan is sufficient in both size of the site and overall capacity to supply the demand.
  • Ensure that servicing of these lands is timely and of sufficient capacity to accommodate the growth
  • Assist through the Waterloo Region Economic Development Corporation that appropriate resources are being spent wisely on the marketing of our Region within Canada and internationally
  • Assist the Arts and Culture community to thrive so that investors will realize the overall Quality of Life in our community is high
  • Maintain a reasonable and competitive Property Tax and Development Charge structure
  • Continue to use the Rapid Transit system as one key driver. Great success in this regard already.