Fiscal Responsibility

The Region of Waterloo enjoys a Triple A financial rating from Moody’s, a rating enjoyed by only a select group of municipalities.  I believe this reflects the excellent financial stewardship the Region has shown.  Our property tax rates are middle of the pack and our Reserves are sufficient yet modest. We are continually doing Program Audits to make sure all program areas are effective and efficient. Regional staff have also been excellent in the past in their annual budget reviews in finding numerous efficiencies and related cost reductions.

I pay property taxes too and I can assure you I work diligently to maximize the use of tax dollars in providing quality services.

  • Maintain our Triple A rating
  • Increase our Capital Reserve Fund to reduce debenturing
  • Continue our Tax Stabilization Fund
  • Maintain property tax increases to around the rate of inflation
  • Lobby Province for better revenue sharing for necessary infrastructure investments.