The opening of the Fountain Street bridge in Blair.

Transportation is a major responsibility of the Region. As Chair of the Planning and Works Committee, I have been able to have a significant role in this area. Transit specifically is a major thrust and is discussed more fully in another of my Issue Paper.

Roads, Active Transportation, and the Airport are also major contributors to an overall integrated transportation system for citizens as well as business and industry.


  • Continue to aggressively deal with road maintenance and rehabilitation from issue

Active Transporation (sidewalks, biking infrastructure)

  • This area needs much more emphasis. I will propose we initiate a significant new budget line to accelerate missing sidewalk, trail links and to add significant new biking infrastructure.


  • This is a vital asset to our business community and for travel opportunities. We need to finalize new airline service opportunities and implement the Airport Master Plan.


  • I am on the HUB Steering Committee. This central transit facility at King and Victoria will bring together VIA, GO, ION, GRT and inter-city bus service in one facility. We must to continue moving this project forward for first phase completion in 2021.