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Arts & Culture

Issue Paper


Tom Galloway on 



Arts and Culture is both a Quality of Life and Economic Development issue. Supporting our arts and culture groups and community is a joint responsibility of the City and the Region.  We need to make strategic investments to leverage the success of these institutions and promote Economic Development. This is done through the granting process and the great work of the volunteer Region’s Art Fund.  I support the Creative Enterprise Initiative in its attempt to leverage corporate dollars, improving governance and development of local arts and culture organizations.


I subscribe to Professor Richard Florida’s theory of the Creative Class and the “Bohemian Factor” in Arts as an Economic Development driver.  Research shows that people making investments to set up business in a community measure the extent of the arts and culture activities in a community.  They know that this factor has an effect on attracting and retaining key talent to their business.

Arts and Culture activities enrich the lives of all citizens. These activities provide significant employment and economic spinoff to particularly the hospitality industry.  Arts and Culture activities is also a significant driver in promoting Tourism in the Region.


  • Enhance the role of The Arts Fund


  • Continue to maintain the $$ per capita funding to the Arts as proposed by the Arts Community


  • Support the Creative Enterprise Initiative in its mandate


  • Support our Cultural Sites (Doon Heritage Crossroads, Joseph Schneider Haus, Waterloo Region Museum, McDougall Cottage) to attract attendance and maintain programs