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Tom Galloway on



Many if not most decisions made at the Region have a direct or at least an indirect impact on the Environment. Planning issues associated with development policy like Protected Countryside areas, Countryside Line development limits and Environmentally Sensitive Landscapes are but a few in Planning.  In Waste Management recycling, compositing and other diversion strategies have direct impact.  In Engineering, roads, storm water, wastewater and water itself have major environmental implications.  Transit including Rapid Transit have obvious positive environmental impacts.


  • We must consider seriously the Environment in every decision we make


  • We must be relentless in the implementation of the Regional Transportation Master Plan as it relates to Conventional and Rapid Transit


  • We need to continue to increase diversion from the local landfill


  • Enhance our Smart About Salt program


  • Continue and expand Water Efficiency measures to achieve water self-sufficiency


  • Exceed wastewater effluent standards