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Public Health

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Regional Council also operates officially under the Act as the local Board of Health.  The operation and programming of Public Health is highly prescribed by the Province.  In addition, the Medical Officer of Health has certain statutory duties that Council has no jurisdiction over.  From restaurant inspections to Healthy Babies programs, from smoking cessation to immunization activities, Public Health has a host of program responsibilities.  Most programs are supported financially by the Province but there is latitude to add local content and priorities such as when Council enacted one the first municipal smoking bylaw.


  • We need to be proactive as much as possible in our responsibilities in protecting the public health of our community


  • We need to lobby for more funding and programming for the Healthy Babies program particularly as it relates to home visits and follow-up. Research is clear that these visits and programs have long term social development benefits


  • Work particularly with youth for good decision making in various behaviours


  • Emphasize social development as a means to promote healthy lifestyles and to prevent illness and long term reliance on various social and health systems