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The Region has been responsible for Conventional transit including MobilityPlus since the year 2000.  In the past 14 years, service levels have been increased dramatically.  Increased conventional transit use is a major element in the Regional Transportation Master Plan.  Significant new dollars have been and are planned to be invested through the special 7 year levy now 3 years in.  A number of new iXpress routes have been introduced to attract new passengers including choice passengers and improve modal share.  With the advent of Rapid Transit a major transition will need to take place to coordinate effectively and efficiently the two systems that will operate together seamlessly.


  • Continue the implementation of the Regional Transportation Master Plan as it relates to Conventional Transit


  • We must continually improve the transit experience by on time performance, by enhanced electronic apps or internet interfaces, by increasing frequencies where warranted


  • Review eligibility requirements for MobilityPlus to ensure needs are met but at the same time making sure regular transit is as accommodating as it can be