Letter to Kitchener Residents

Dear Residents of Kitchener

I ask for your support to elect me as one of your representatives on Regional Council.

You may vote for just one or up to four candidates, for this position.

I pay property taxes too and I can assure you that I work diligently to maximize the use of our tax dollar in providing quality services to our community.

Kitchener needs experienced representation on Regional Council; someone who knows how to get things done. I have been able to sufficiently gain trust if my fellow Councillors and staff to have my opinion count.

The Region of Waterloo is the envy of many municipalities. We have great momentum. Our community is growing and we are managing this growth well. We are compassionate towards those less fortunate. We are attracting new economic development investment to provide good-paying jobs. We have a thriving Arts and Culture community. We have Educational Excellence with our two Universities, Conestoga College and two School Boards. Our water, wastewater and transportation infrastructure is being upgraded at an accelerated rate and yet we still have a Triple-A credit rating for our prudent financial management and low debt. Only a few select municipalities enjoy this rating.

I believe I have the right mix of common sense, community knowledge, business experience, political experience and commitment to serve you on Regional Council.

I ask for your support on October 22nd.


Yours truly,